G is for Gloria

Gloria fished out a dime from the bottom of her shoulder bag and called Marty.  He picked up on the fourth ring. “Where the hell are you?!” screamed Gloria into the phone.  Marty sounded groggy, like he was still in bed. “What time is it?” he asked, yawning.  It’s 4:15, the movie starts in fifteen minutes!  This was supposed to be a date Marty – you were supposed to be taking me on a God Damn date!  Fuck You Marty. Fuck you!”  She slammed down the receiver.

Gloria pulled out a Menthol and started walking towards the movie theatre.  Two teenage girls passed by.  They were dressed in ripped black fishnets, mini-skirts and black leather jackets.  One had painted her lips black, the other had drawn a huge spider web on the left side of her face.  For The Love Of God, thought Gloria.  She walked a few more blocks then took a final drag of her cigarette, tossing it on the sidewalk and flattening it with her Candies clogs.  She went up to the box office where a chunky lady sat snapping gum.  The lady’s hair was teased into a tall rounded pouf, where Gloria imagined she kept hundreds of sticks of gum.  “One adult ticket please,” Gloria said.  “No date with you honey?  How come ya don’t have a boyfriend?  You’re a pretty little thing.  You should find yourself a nice man and settle down.”  She handed Gloria her ticket.  Gloria glared at her and said a little prayer that the woman would choke on her stupid gum.

After buying a large popcorn, pop and box of Jujubes, Gloria found a seat towards the back of the theatre.  Gloria took a big sip of Sprite, then tossed a couple of Jujubes in her mouth.  “The problem with Jujubes is that they get stuck to your teeth and then you have to kind of scrape away the gook with your fingernails, which is hard to do in public.”  Gloria turned to where the voice seemed to be coming from.  Behind her, two seats to the left, sat a tall shaggy haired young man.  He smiled at Gloria and showed her his own box of Jujubes.  Suddenly Gloria was very aware of all the Jujube-ness squished down into her teeth.  “When I take a girl out on a date I never get Jujubes, because you know, you gotta be cool, you can’t be sticking your finger in your mouth during a date.”  Gloria laughed, “black and red are my favorite,” she said.  “Really? I’m more of an orange and green guy myself.  My name’s Mike by the way.”  Gloria looked at Mike, noticing a large but beautiful gap between his two perfectly straight front teeth.  Gloria wondered if Jujube muck got stuck in the gap.  Mike moved seats, so that he was one seat closer, but still behind her. “It’s a good thing that we’re not on a date,” said Mike, “because this way we can both enjoy our Jujubes.  Feel free to stick a finger in your mouth, I probably will.  What did you say your name was?”  “I didn’t. It’s Gloria.  My name is Gloria.”  Gloria was smiling like a demented clown, a huge, wide smile, she couldn’t control it.  She was sure that Mike could see Jujube muck in her mouth.  The theatre lights went down. “Pleased to meet you Gloria, I feel like this is my lucky day.”